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Assembling a chunky basic flush album

Assembling a chunky basic flush album

I love weddings. I love watching the story unfold, seeing all the wonderful moments and the sparkling glow of people so much in love. Since I’ve also been a photographer since the mid-90s, you would think my career choice would be obvious. But actually photographing weddings was no fun for me at all. When I found a position doing production work for an incredible boutique wedding photographer, I was thrilled. I got to see all the pictures, I got to make them sing, make everyone look as beautiful in the photograph as they did in real life, and construct stunning albums that showed the story of their day, without having to leave my comfy studio.

But I noticed that many of my friends were getting married, and weren’t getting the treatment from their photographers that we delivered in our studio. The albums were lackluster, or non-existent; photos weren’t color corrected, and most ended up with nothing from their photographer but a CD-r of jpegs. Most thought they would make a scrapbook themselves, eventually, but a year or two later, still hadn’t had time, or discovered that they couldn’t make it look the way they wanted.

And this is why A La Carte Albums was born. Because everyone should have the option to have their story told, beautifully.

I create personalized, professional designs and bring them to life in high quality professional level albums from companies like Finao, Seldex, Renaissance, Asukabook, and others.

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