Boudoir Albums & in-house printing

Almost any of my offered albums can be good choices for boudoir albums, depending on your personal style, but if you would like an extra measure of privacy, for several albums you can opt for my in-house printing service upgrade.

In every boudoir album I do, I am the sole designer/post-processor; with in-house printing, I am also the only one to see and handle your prints. (I do trust all of my labs to be professional, and have no personal qualms about printing boudoir albums through them when clients are comfortable with it.)

Boudoir album with imprinting and in-house printing

The albums that can be made with in-house printing are:

Special Boudoir Packages

The chunky basic flush is the most popular choice for boudoir, because it is the most suited to small, intimate albums. It can have as few as 10 pages, and because of the thickness of the pages, still feels like a reasonably substantial little book even as a 10 page 5×5. You can of course have other combinations if none of these suit your needs:

  • Rosebud – 5×5 or 4×6 or 6×4 album, 10 pages (sides), with 12 images: $112.50
  • Jasmine – 5×7 or 7×5 album, 20 pages, with 24 images: $230
  • Orchid – 8×8 or 9×6 album, 10 pages, with 18 images: $285
  • Tigerlily – 8×10 or 10×8 album, 20 pages, with 36 images: $455

The packages above include the album, the fine art style design (75% of normal design for low image/page ratio), and the in-house printing service.

About in-house giclee printing

In-house printing is done on my Epson 3880 using the Ultrachrome K3 pigment ink set; this is the same printer I use to make highly archival fine art prints for myself and other artists, this printer series is also used in many professional labs and giclee printing services.

Archival Fine Art Printing setup

Prints made in this manner are even more archival than traditional chemical color photographs. You can choose between a luster surface, like usual photo prints, or a matte surface similar to hot press watercolor paper.

In-house printing is an upgrade, charged per page.