Slimline Basic Flush Album

features of the skinny basic flush

The Slimline Basic flush album (Finao Albums Playbook) is a lightweight, streamlined version of the classic flush album. In this album, the photographic pages are adhered to each other without a bookboard stiffener or support, resulting in light, slim albums that can handle high page counts gracefully. Only the basic set of cover materials (linens, silks, vegan leathers) are available for the skinny flush, and they can range from 20-100 pages. They are particularly well suited for parent album copies (or portable purse copies) of a larger standand or deluxe flush album. They have  the same feel and modern layout design as the other flush albums, and can range in size from 4×5 inches up to 12×12.



packages consist of album plus design fee

      • Seattle: 40 page large (10×10 or 8×10) album, with 100 image album design: $610 ($560 without image polishing)
      • Vancouver: 20 page large (10×10 or 8×10) album, with 48 image album design: $350 ($326 without image polishing)
      • Mendocino: 40 page grand (12×12) with 100 images album design: $720 ($670 without image polishing)
      • Sedona: 60 page grand (12×12) album, with  84 image album design $780 ($738 without image polishing)
        Sedona is a fine-art style layout with more large images and open space.


Cover options: Linen, mohair, silk, vegan leather (see the swatches)

Pricing (does not include design fee)

Size 20 side album add spread
12×12, 12×9, 12×8 $300 $12
10×10, 10×8 $210 $10
9×6, 8×8 $190 $8
5×7, 6×6 $150 $6
5×5, 4×6, 4×5 $125 $5

Upgrades available: Cover inset photo ($30, 8×8 and larger albums), Imprinting ($30/line, only on some materials)

Maximum size: 100 pages

contact me to put together a custom tailored album package.

Tim and Tina’s Wedding Album from Sarah Hoppes on Vimeo.