The Big Page of Cover Options for Basic Flush & Deluxe Flush (Finao)

One of my favorite things about the basic and deluxe flush albums from Finao is the amazing array of cover material options, including the best vegan options I have ever found. The downside of that is, of course, that there are so many to show, and to show them large enough to get a good look at their texture takes a lot of space. Hence, the swatch images get their own page, which may take a little time to load, or you can grab the leather and non-leather PDFs

(Overwhelmed by so many choices? Let me know the colors you are interested in, and I’ll make you a set tailored to your preferences!)

First, the not-leathers:

These are available on all the slimline, chunky and deluxe flush albums. They can be mixed with leathers in two-or-three tone options on the Deluxe Flush, but not on the basics.

Happy Cow vegan leather swatches 2015 version

Happy Cow: Vegan Leather. Imprinting on all.

Patterened Upholstery fabrics

Paraphernalia: patterned fabric, no imprinting.

patterned fabrics

Opulence: textured fabric, no imprinting. Mostly silk.

Wonderland linens

Wonderland – linens.

Eclectic Looks: vegan leather, imprinting on Glitter Barbi, Glitter Ken, Oxide and Tourmaline.
Discontinued, but some stock is still available in all but Patent Temptation (10/27/2015)

Garbo: vegan suede. No imprinting.
Discontinued, only limited stock is available. Black Gold and Platinum Blonde are completely unavailable (10/27/2015)

Haute Colour: silk. No imprinting. Discontinued, some stock available; Mink is completely out of stock (10/27/15)

Discontinued. Limited stock of all but Brandywine is available. (10/27/15)

silk brocades

Silk Brocades. All discontinued, limited stock available (10/27/2015)

Vegans and Vegetarians; stop here.

Slimline Basic Flush options also end here.


The Leathers:

These are all available on the Deluxe Flush as standard options, on the Chunky Basic Flush as an upgrade. (You can do a contrast spine color on the Chunky with these on books that are 7×10/8×8 and larger.) They are not available on the Skinny Basic.

All That Jazz: Leather, all allow imprinting.

Imprinting available on Krumble

Urban Legends: Suede, no imprinting.


The super-fancy leathers:

These are only available on the Deluxe Flush. They can be used as a accent without an upgrade charge, but as a main material are an upgrade.


Hurricane has been discontinued, but some stock is still available as of September 2014.