Special Sale albums

Once upon a time the only way to turn around an album REALLY FAST was to have a selection of the chunky basic flush albums (aka “self-mount”) on hand, so all I needed to do was order the prints, and mount them in myself.

These days have past.  However, I still have a stack of albums I kept in stock, and I’d like to reclaim that cabinet, so I am offering them for a deep, deep discount.  For each listing it indicates how many photos a design in that album could accommodate. Shipping is not included, and is usually $40 ground in the US; King/Snohomish county can do free pickup, but will pay sales tax on the album portion.

finao elements:


8×10, 10 side album in “lip lock” red silk, with a 4×5 vertical cover inset.
Album is $90, can accommodate 10-30 image design ($24-80)


[album photo pending]

8×10, 30 side album in “obsidian” dark gray/black striped silk,
Album is $150, can accommodate 30-75 image design ($60-200)


8×8, 10 side album in “komodo” real leather, with cover inset
Album is $100, can accommodate 10-30 image design ($24-80)


9×6 20 side album in “cristal” striped silver silk
Album is $100, can accommodate 20-60 image design ($31-160)


TAP — these are not as nice as the finao, but are classic and archival. Covers are basic pleather.


8×8 & 8×10 20 side red pleather
Album is $70, can accommodate 20-60 image design ($31-160), currently have 2 8x8s and 2 8x10s


10×10 10 side brown pleather
Album is $100, can accommodate 10-30 image design ($24-80)

one last finao:

12×8 30 side album in “platinum blonde” faux suede, stamped “studio sample” on flyleaf
This album was an oops (the studio sample stamp) — available as a charitable donation to an appropriate nonprofit, please contact me for details