Printed Coffee Table Books

Premium Coffee Table Book

This is a true, offset-printed book like you would find the Art section of your local bookstore, printed at a superior facility that specializes in limited-run and one-off books of exceptional quality.  They don’t weigh a ton, and have a modern feel. Panorama-friendly, although you do lose a little bit of image to the middle (“gutter”) of the book and the natural bend of the pages.

Are you looking for layflat pages, true photographic pages and/or seamless gutters? Check out the Flush Albums instead, particularly the slimline basic flush. For more budget-friendly but still nice print-quality options, I recommend Blurb WITH one of the paper upgrades.

Besides stunning print quality, the coffee table book is a great choice if you want several copies; each successive copy printed at the same time is discounted (since they only have to set up the press once!), and they can go up to 100 pages, to accommodate either a lot of images, or to let the images you have be much bigger on the page.

They are available in Hard Cover or Soft Cover, at a variety of shapes and sizes:

Pile of Hard Bound Custom Wedding Coffee Table Books: 10x10, 8x8 and 5x5

Popular Packages (includes book and design):

  • New York: 100 image design in a large 40 page book = $660
  • Hong Kong: 150 image design in a large 70 page book = $960

Fine art/portfolio style packages (most images full size on own page)

  • Tokyo: 100 images design in a large 90 page book = $750
  • Berlin: 50 image design in a large 40 page book = $385


Large: 10×10 and 11×8
Medium: 8×8 and 10×7

Squares: 5×5, 7×7, 8×8, 10×10, 12×12
Verticals: 8×11, 7×10, 5.5×8 (great for artist portfolio books!)
Horizontals: 10×7, 11×8, 8×5.5

From 10-100 pages, in increments of 10.

Turnaround-Time: 4-8 weeks from design approval

Soft Cover: includes a frosted slipcover. No 12x12s.
Book Price: from $45 for a 10 page 5×5 up to $500 for an 100 page 10×10

Standard Hard Cover: includes a frosted slipcover.
Lay-flat panorama-friendly binding variant available in this version in 12×12, 10×10, and 8×8 (+20% upgrade cost)
Book Price: from $50 for a 10 page 5×5 up to $600 for an 100 page 12×12

custom wedding book receiving white glove inspection

Leather, fabric, and faux leather bound versions of this book are also available; please inquire for details.

Superfast Coffee Table Books

Want to get your book as soon as possible? The SuperFast book has a print turnaround of only one week (from approval of design). The pages are 6-color Indigo printed and covered with a protective varnish.

Cover options: Vegan Leather/Pleather, Linen, Photo Hardcover, Metallic Photo Hardcover, Canvas wrap, Metallic softcover
Sizes: 12×12, 11×14,10×10,8×10,8×8,5×7,5×5; 20-60 pages
Price: $110 for a 20 page 5×7 album to $570 for a 60 page 12×12

Lay-flat pages available as an upgade
Turnaround Time: 1 week from design approval

Our most popular packages:

  • Fast New York: 72 image design in a large 30 page book = $425
  • Fast Los Angeles: 100 image design in a large 40 page book = $570
  • Fast Chicago: 72 image design in a medium 30 page book = $365
  • Fast Toronto: 48 image design in a large 20 page book = $320

Cover Swatches:  Full Photo Wrap also available. Imprinting available on smooth leatherettes, crush, and linen (but not halflinnen)