Design Questionairre for Matted Albums

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If you have already ordered an album package or have worked with me to pick a custom solution, it’s time to fill this out to guide the design of your matted album.

Style Preferences:

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Do you have any restrictions on acceptable cover materials?
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Image Processing Preferences
There are a number of different techniques I can call on when designing an album. Please let me know how you feel about the following (or skip this section, and I'll just go with my instincts unless you are a photographer wanting me to design to or develop a "house style", in which case, be very specific, please.)

Black and White images: LoveJust a fewHateNo OpinionDo not change from images as submitted
Sepiatone (vintage look warm brown versions of black and white): LoveJust a fewHateNo OpinionDo not change from images as submitted

Specifically for contemporary matted album #1: (Renaissance Ambiance)
Pages: thin whitebeveled black with white core

Specifically for contemporary matted album #2: (Seldex Gallery)
Pages: black with black coreblack with white corewhite with white corewhite with black core

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A reminder of the next steps:

1. Send your high resolution images to me:
a) via Dropbox — share to
b) via Google Drive — share to
c) on a cd/dvd/thumbdrive to A La Carte Albums, 12345 Lake City Way NE #369, Seattle, WA 98125 (thumbdrives will be returned)

2. In 1-3 business weeks from receipt of images and deposit, you will receive a link to your design for review and approval. Up to 8 side changes are included with the design fee; extensive changes may incur additional charges.

3. Once you have approved the design and paid at least 50% of the balance of the album fee, I will put your album into physical production

4. When it is finished, your album/book will be shipped to you. (Snohomish County/Greater Seattle area clients may request a hand-off rather than shipping, and I’m happy to do in-person meetings to look at swatches and discuss design options.)

High-resolution files of any improved versions of all of your images will be also be made available to you.