Traditional Matted Album

Traditional matted album features

The edge gilding and rounded edges create a comfortable, vintage feel. Each page of photos is attached to a mat which is slipped in to a matching frame.

If you like the style of matted albums, but not the weight or the price, I can create some of the same feeling in other books with particular design choices; just ask.

most popular configurations; including album and design fee

  • Cardiff: 100 images, 48 pages, Large: $1290 (+$50 if adding image polishing)
  • London: 72 image design, 36 pages, Large: $1024 (+$36 if adding image polishing)
  • Dublin: 48 image design, 24 pages, Large: $796 (+$24 if adding image polishing)
  • Edinburgh: 24 image design, 18 pages, Medium: $523 (+$12 if adding image polishing)


or build a custom combination.

Pricing (does not include design fee)

Size 20 side album add/subtract spread
Large (holds up to 10×10 print) $620 $30
Medium (holds up to 8×8 print) $525 $25


  • Cover options: Leather, Pleather, Fabric
  • Imprinting: Monogram or text on front cover, $30
  • Cover Inset Photo (max 2): $25
  • Turnaround-Time: 5-8 weeks from design approval
  • Edge Gilding in Black, Silver and Gold.
  • Cream or Black pages

Maximum/minimum size: Large: 12-60 pages, Medium: 12-50 pages

Cover Swatches

Linen, Silk, Faux Suede

Linen, Silk, Faux Suede



Faux Leather

Faux Leather

Close-ups of individual swatches available by request.