Vegan & Vegetarian Cover Options for all albums

Trying to find wedding albums that are animal-free can be confusing as leather, pleather, leatherette, “non-leather” and “vegan leather” are bandied about freely by many album makers, without necessarily providing the definitions they are using. I am committed to offering a wide number of options for my vegetarian and vegan clients, and this guide is to make it easier for you to get straight to the options that are right for you.

Within my website, the following definitions will be used:

  • Leather – material sourced in some way from animal hide
  • Vegan Leather – material mimicking leather without using any animal products or PVC
  • Pleather – material mimicking leather without using any animal products that may contain PVC.

Basic Flush, Deluxe Flush, Matted-Flush Hybrid albums (finao)

All faux leathers for these albums are vegan leather. The Skinny Basic has no animal leather options, but does have silk and mohair that vegans may wish to avoid.

Vegan options:

  • Happy Cow (smooth faux leather finish)
  • Garbo (faux suede finish)
  • Eclectic Looks (black patent, metallic-look and faux reptile finishes)
  • Paraphernalia (heavy fabrics)
  • Middle Earth (faux textured/”ostrich” suede finish) collection
  • The linens in the “MidTown” collection: Chocoholic, Shady (gray), Tickled Pink and True Blue
  • The linens in the “Addiction” collection: Asphyxia (purple), Hypnotique (turquoise), Stiletto (hot pink), Chesterfield (cream and white tweed)
  • Half the Opulence collection: Affluence, Nobility, Estate, Lady Moura, Splendor
  • Canvas wrap cover (must be full wrap)

Vegetarian options:

All silk blends; I have been given no indication that it is ahimsa silk.

  • Brocades
  • Haute Color (this collection not available for Premium Flush)
  • the silks in MidTown: Angel Dust, Gothika, Lip-Lock and Whiteout
  • the silks in Opulence:  Eminence, Radiance, Sumptuous, Precious

Design upgrade notes

  • Imprinting can only be done on “Happy Cow” and the metallic finishes in “Eclectic Looks”
  • Two-tone covers are not available on the basic flush albums using vegan/vegetarian options; two-tone is available on the Deluxe Flush using vegan-friendly materials, but some material combinations are not recommended.
  • Cover inset pictures are available on all materials


Ambiance Contemporary Matted Albums

Vegan options:

  • Madison NL (smooth finish pleather)
  • Pastel NL (smooth finish pleather)

Vegetarian options:

Silk Brocade and Silk Shantung; I have been given no indication that it is ahimsa silk.

Standard Flush Albums & Superfast printed books

All cover options for these albums are vegetarian: pleather, linen, silk, canvas photo wrap, metalprint. The “ostrich” series is vegan leather. Vegans will want to avoid the “Crush” series, which is silk.

Design upgrade notes

  • Imprinting cannot be done on EcoSuede, Cirque, Halflinnen or Tooled materials.
  • Two-tone, Three-tone and metal front panel covers are available.