Since every album I make is custom, ordering is a conversational process; think of it as a couture gown for your pictures. We’ll talk to find the best options for your style and your budget.

You can start our conversation by:

  1. Filling out my “Getting Started” form, and I will respond by e-mail within 2 business days.
  2. Schedule a time to talk by phone, skype, or google hangout using the appointment maker:
  3. In a rush? There are some special sale chunky-basic style books; you would be buying the exact album pictured, and then design and assembly continue as normal. (shaves several weeks off the process)

I will be making a custom quote for you, but you can see all of my  pricing, up front:  1 design fee + the book(s) you specify.  You don’t pay design twice for two copies of the same book.