International Shipping/Orders

All of my usual album options are available internationally, however, because of international shipping charges and customs fees, there are some additional options and concerns for clients outside of the United States.

  • Design and other non-tangible services have no shipping charges.


Due to the ridiculous brokerage fees charged by UPS and FEDEX for ground service (and presented as COD charges to you), the only shipping options I have for Canada are

  1. USPS Priority International, which is reasonably priced, but depending on customs can take 2-4 weeks.
  2. UPS or Fedex Air/Express services, which don’t have brokerage charges, but are as expensive as you would expect from International Air.

In either case, I have found no way to prepay the HST, so you will be responsible for those charges on arrival if applicable. Seldex albums, such as the Gallery Matted album, are made in Australia instead of the US and therefore not covered by NAFTA, and so may be subject to higher customs charges.


Wedding albums are exempt from the UK VAT, and the usual shippers (UPS, Fedex, USPS International) are all available. I have an alternate album maker (flush and matted) that is based in Ireland; if you choose this option the album will be drop shipped to you from their workshop (for a lot less than shipping from Seattle) and there should still be no VAT. Contact me for details and info about those albums.  I believe that the rest of the EU has the same options as the UK, but let me know the album’s destination and I will verify that.

Due to VAT-MOSS, I can only do design-only services for EU clients if the design is for a 3rd party printer like Blurb and its equivalents.