I believe pricing should be simple and straightforward, with no hidden or surprise charges.


Design fee

is a function of how many images you choose, and is only paid once, no matter how many copies of an album you purchase. Full-size copies of the color-corrected/retouched individual images are included with this fee.

The design fee is the same whether you are purchasing an album from me, or just need a design that you will use at a consumer printer like  Blurb  (printed books), AdoramaPix (skinny basic-style flush books with photographic pages) or Picaboo (both kinds)

The same design can be used for any flush albums of the same shape, so a 12×8 deluxe flush album can be reused in a 9×6 skinny flush album; matted albums can also be translated directly to any size flush album of the same shape (usually square).

# of images 12 18 24 36 48 60 72 84 100 120 156 192
$30 $40 $60 $100 $140 $160 $200 $240 $300 $350 $450 $600

For “fine art” style design, where the image/page ratio is 1.5 or less, there is a 25% discount

 Album price

Stack of albums from a 9x6 skinny flush up to a 13x13 hybrid matted-flush (a la carte albums)
Ranges from $50 for a 10 page, 5×5 coffee table book to $2800 for a large, tricked-out hybrid album. I strive to have many excellent options along the entire budget range. Each individual album page includes specific pricing for that album.

Shipping is not included, and is usually $30-$50 in the continental US depending on album size. (Delivery is free in King/Snohomish Counties.)

If you are using my design at a 3rd party printer like Blurb, there is no album charge.

You will not be invoiced for the album until you have approved your design. Payment plans are available.

Matted albums range from $525 (medium 20 side traditional) up to $3500 (60 side extra large hybrid matted-flush)

Flush albums range from $125 (20 side 5×5 skinny flush) to north of $2400 (60 side 14×14 deluxe flush)

The most popular packages (including the album & the design) for wedding albums are:

100 image design in a 40 page 10×10 skinny basic flush album: $610 + shipping (the Seattle)

100 image design in a 40 page 10×10 standard flush album: $960 + shipping (the Los Angeles)

100 image design in a 40 page 12×8 deluxe flush album: $1240 + shipping (the São Paulo)

72 image design in a 30 page 11×11 Seldex Contemporary Matted Album:  $1100 + shipping (the Sydney)


Additional Services

are extra requests like retouching, restoration, and all of the DIY assistance services page. You will always receive a price quote to approve before work starts.

Sales tax will be applied to album orders (but not services) in Washington State.

The design fee is due up front, and includes image polishing and design revisions.

I accept credit cards via Square & Paypal, checks, online bill payment, and bank transfers via PopMoney.

Professional Photographers

Please contact me for additional information on my options for photographers (both design only and full-service) or our referral program. You can choose full color correction, or send print ready image files; discounts for print ready files or Camera RAW files are available. I am happy to work with you to develop your own, consistent house style for your albums.