Album Design

Funky design style and minimialist style


Album design, which is to say, determining the layout of the photos on the pages itself, before it is sent off to a bookbinder, is the heart of what I do — for each book, I will talk with you, and get your input via an easy style questionairre, to make sure that the layouts I create for your album mesh with your style, whether that be formal and stately or bold and colorful and everything in between.  Once a design is complete, it will be sent to you for proofing, so you can request revisions as needed.

Family album

My design includes polishing your images, as needed, and retouching can be added on at your request.  (If your images do not need polishing, there is a discount.) When the final design is completed and approved, you will receive the full-res files of the polished images and copies of the spreads (optional).

Contemporary matted album spread


Design pricing is the same whether the final book comes from me or from a printing service like Blurb or Picaboo.  I am also happy to help you figure out what printing options are going to be the best fit for your images and budget. If you just want help with part of your album, check out the DIY Services page.  I charge by the image, rather than pages, so you can control how big (or small) your final book is. [see full price sheet]


Clean and Colorful flush album spread


So what are the prices? To give you an idea, here are the most popular sizes

  • 100 images (usually 40-46 pages) – $300, or $250 with print-ready files
  • 72 images (usually 30-36 pages) – $200, or $164 with print-ready files
  • 120 images (usually 48-54 pages) – $350, or $290 with print-ready files

The full price sheet is here.

But you can always use the Getting Started contact form to begin the conversation, you don’t have to jump straight in to the shop.

Flush album page with ceremony text included