Services & DIY assistance

If you are putting your book together yourself, but need a little help with a few parts here and there:

Collection Editing
Using an experienced editorial eye to narrow your collection of too many images down to a narrative that both tells your whole story AND fits into a book of reasonable size. This is a collaborative process, insuring the most important images stay in, even if they aren’t the “prettiest” or most technically perfect. ($.15/image submitted)
Image Editing
Color Correction, black and white conversions, fixing over/underexposure, and general image polishing ($.50/image) 
Retouching & Restoration
Including fixing damaged photos, adding or subtracting people/things (aka when Grandma missed the group shot but the trash can didn’t), wardrobe malfunction fixing, and cosmetic retouching. Quoted by job.
Just (some) Design
When you need help with a few pages, not the whole book, for example when there are images that don’t play nice with templates, or too complicated (i.e. 12+ image detail/reception) spreads, or you want text laid in with more control.
Also, if you need your design reformatted for a different bookmaker ($6/page design, conversions quoted by job)
Negative Scanning
$3/frame for 35mm, $5/frame for medium format. If you are not in the Puget Sound area, I do recommend trying first to find a local service before entrusting your negatives to the mail!
Print Scanning
$1/print for 8×10 and under only. If you are not in the Puget Sound area, I do recommend trying first to find a local service before mailing your prints!
Specialized Printing
When you need access to unusual surfaces/sizes/etc, i.e. archival prints on fine art paper to match your handmade book, prints on metal or acrylic for special covers, etc. Quoted by job
Problem Solving
Assistance that doesn’t fit into the above categories.

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